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Cfdi5voxzkhbfjidu9j5ajih2qe 1x1 – Die Live-Sendung

After spending months at the Betty Ford Center, TV reporter Murphy Brown tries to re-enter her life. The task is complicated by the addition to her show of a former Miss America as co-reporter, and a new Executive Producer who's half her age.

Dgjw51pr1rdgzoyyhdmmhctqbsz 1x2 – Konkurrenz im blauen Kleid

Murphy's animosity towards Corky grows when she's forced to take her on to help with an important story.

C5rue58un0d8eivw2pvslvcakxq 1x3 – Die Mafia droht

Miles becomes the target of death threats when the show investigates the dealings of a mob boss.

Vuaeqgptyjyj1oaegem9wxdptfx 1x4 – Der zweite Heiratsantrag

Murphy struggles to maintain her professionalism when her next interview is a man she was married to twenty years before.

Bpnl6e7dqm2ibcohpxyychtlhyn 1x5 – Ihr Kinderlein kommet …

Two days before Christmas, three children show up at FYI with a note from their mother. She says she cannot take care of them anymore, and thinks Murphy would make a good mother - much to Murphy's irritation.

Hmqo9kvne14ziy82ihpbkvjbimb 1x6 – Ein Baby muss her

A friend of Murphy's is having a baby, and Murphy starts to wonder if something is missing in her life, leading her to consider her options.

Qocbibagnsr4ahtdsxz7lmtvrx 1x7 – Geiseldrama im Studio

Murphy's having a rotten day, complicated by a gunman who interrupts the show and demands they read his statement on the air and it gets capped off by the painter she hired to do her kitchen sticking around to finish "extending myself." During this whole ordeal, she is craving cigarettes and a drink, and definitely a soft number 2 pencil.

Zj0xmdjdqv9gob0q9pcd3gbtusb 1x8 – Über den Tod hinaus

The man that Murphy has been in a prank war for decades with dies suddenly, and asks that she eulogize him.

4mj0b7pklywy7xwndf7nehp2j9i 1x9 – Wo bleibt die Einladungskarte?

Murphy can't understand why she isn't invited to the Inaugural Ball, and can't get anyone to take her.

Bvcrpw8azcyp57tswvdsc9udbyk 1x10 – Unschuldig im Knast

Murphy's story gets an innocent inmate released. Everyone feels sorry for him, so they give him a job as Murphy's secretary.

Izrbuyllecs8jthb9e6dtp2cwwj 1x11 – Zwei Wochen suspendiert

When Murphy behaves rudely to a belligerent Army colonel in a live interview, Miles takes the decision to suspend her from work, which drives her up a wall and threatens their working relationship.

Gmheizmj5dtfnx2ucdisy8uptci 1x12 – Am Valentinstag

Frank & Murphy fix each others blind dates, while Miles has to deal with his break up with Jackie and Jim wonders what to do with an attractive lady that wants him. We learn more than what we would have wanted to for Phil's marriage life.

Owr7adofsvks95lc4zdxozbpmm7 1x13 – Herren bevorzugt

When Murphy is denied access into the last gentlemen's only club in Washington, she is determined to join. That makes her relationship with Jim uptight, and stirs a war between the sexes in the office.

3mismhhdb99q9uad1w1eafykndq 1x14 – Niveau unten, Einschaltquoten oben

When the FYI show goes lower onto the ratings - the network suggests to its journalists to make the news more pleasant and easy to the public. Though the FYI team wouldn't like to be less professional - they struggle with the reality of having to face a tough decision and compromise for the sakes of Frank's touching story for the homeless being seen by a larger sum of people.

Cfkkuxopnaimhzevg5ckdde8pcu 1x15 – Mama hat gesagt …

Murphy's mom whom she was never close to comes for a visit. And she spends all the time fawning after Murphy which has Murphy perplexed.

9hrv4sh8xcasz1ybyu5gdtaaaqf 1x16 – Einladung nach Moskau

The FYI show accepts a guest from the USSR - the newswoman Vladia.

Hpd29ow6vdruz4hcou5ul6zagbg 1x17 – Einstein ist nicht alles

Murphy is excited to meet "the modern Einstein" Victor Rudman. She tries to challenge herself on a date with him, since "You can't judge a book by its cover", but discovers that geniuses can also be unpleasant people.

8oj7pftawvqjvvb3d7beh9panf5 1x18 – Eine Karikatur

Murphy makes a joking remark, but her lurid comment is aired on live TV. She is faced with the consequences the next day as cartoonist Pat O'Shea starts a comic strip named "The Adventures of Mouthy Brown".

Bcw0wf8jqmcnwhxccmdte37eew2 1x19 – Ein Bett voller Katzen

Murphy is not her usual driven self after a guilty judge drops dead during a live broadcast.

2jhn7ehfluogsxe3srd17fq0bb1 1x20 – Von alten Zeiten

Miles needs a story for FYI and Corky suggests covering Phil's 70th anniversary. The celebration causes flashbacks to 1977 when Frank and Murphy auditioned for the show with Murphy's primary competition being Linda Ellerbee.

Dnbhtj2kykyfir9icilj2z2l9xn 1x21 – Ein unerwarteter Angriff

Murphy is involved in a fender bender with a seemingly sweet old couple who bring her home made cookies. She changes her opinion when they sue her for $1.5 million dollars. Frank's fear of the dentist causes him to accidentally break Jim's coffee cup which turns out to be a big deal.

C744zmxy9l7bj3nphyfxoijiuyu 1x22 – Live am Morgen

Murphy and Corky are asked to fill in on a morning show. They quickly discover that Corky is perfect for the time and format, while Murphy berates a children's author and turns a cooking segment into a disaster.

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